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How to Send Dictation to Your WebSecretaries

Send Dictation

How to Send Dictation to Your WebSecretaries


You can send dictation to your WebSecretaries several ways.

Send us a tape. If you have a cassette or micro-cassette recorder, you can mail us a tape via regular mail, FedEx, etc. We will begin your project as soon as your tape arrives, and will return the tape to you upon completion.

Use our Voice Mailbox. You can use our Voice Mailbox to dictate a letter or memo to us. Simply call (802) 468-7329. When prompted leave your name and begin dictating what you would like us to prepare for you.

Send us e-mail with an attachment. If your computer has a microphone – either built in or connected to the system – chances are good that you can use your computer to record your work, then send us an e-mail with your recording as an attachment. Try looking in the Start Menu under Programs →

Accessories →

Multimedia for your sound recording program.


Call us if you require further assistance.



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