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Affordable Virtual Personal Assistant Services

WebSecretaries.com was founded in the 1990’s out of pure necessity for affordable virtual personal assistant services.  The founders were juggling too many tasks, competing priorities, and real life events to get done all that they needed to get done.  They needed to have access to secretarial services but could not justify a full time administrative assistant. WebSecretaries.com was started to be able to provide busy entrepreneurs, home-office workers, small business owners, students, and even over-worked stay at home parents the help that they need when they need it via affordable virtual personal assistant services.


affordable virtual personal assistant services

Since then we have helped thousands of clients with those important but low interest tasks that just have to get done:  Dictation. Editing and proof reading.  Calendar management.  Cold and warm sales calls.  Appointment management.  Business plan creation.  Contact list management.  Data search and business research.  Presentation development.  Social media posting and management.  Web site testing.  Document creation. QuickBooks and accounting entry and management.  Recruitment.  Gift buying.  Sending holiday cards.  Travel and event planning.  Anything you would ask your secretary to do if you had one! Our affordable virtual personal assistant services cover all of those tasks plus more.


Unlike most agencies, we work by the job, not by the day or the hour – so you save money.


Also unlike most agencies, we do not outsource our work to a call center on the other side of the world.  Our WebSecretaries are all fully vetted and experienced who know how to get the job done, and take pride in doing it right.


affordable virtual personal assistant services


Let WebSecretaires.com help you with affordable virtual personal assistant services!


WebSecretaries is the place to go for all of your Small Business, Home Office, or Student Secretarial needs.

-Need a proposal typed and formatted?

-Need a stack of business card information entered into your data base?

-Need tickets and reservations for an upcoming trip?

-Need a term paper prepared?

-Need to send gifts to your client list?

-Forgot to call and cancel that appointment?

-Don’t have time to schedule lunch with that potential partner?


Let your WebSecretaries Help by utilizing our affordable virtual personal assistant services.

Full Secretarial and Administrative Assistant help when you
need it, no matter where you may be.


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